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The Renegade Pro-Comp

"Glue On"

Elastomeric Horse Shoe

Foreløpig kun på bestillings.

Kan skaffes i alle farger.

Kr 600,- pr par.

+ frakt og oppkrav

Spørsmål og bestilling:

Mobil 958 28 964 - 458 05 842


Originally developed over seven years ago and now PATENTED after a recent design update, the Renegade® Pro-Comp "glue on" elastomeric horse shoe provides an easily installed alternative to the strap on hoof boot when extra protection is needed for the naturally trimmed barefoot horse.

Primarily intended for extreme competition use when any possiblility for strap on boot related issues is intollerable.

They are flexible, durable, shock absorbing, and long lasting, and when properly installed, the shoe will not come off even when used for multi day endurance competitions. Though not recommended for long term use, they have shown to remain well attached for over five weeks.

Sizing and colors are the same as our strap on hoof boots though we are not currently producing size 2W. Please refer to the sizing page

Versions specifically designed for short track use, are also in the works and promise like "nail on" metal horse shoe can provide.


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